Let’s create Vizzybility!


It’s time for LGBTQ+ visibility to be raised because diversity and representation matter. Vizzy is here to celebrate what makes us different, and we are proud to be teaming up with international artist, Queen Priyanka and notable nonprofit, Queer Collective, to invite marginalized creators to apply for the #Vizzybility Project, giving them the chance to receive a grant, mentorship from the Queen herself, and most importantly gain visibility.

Applications are now closed, and are currently being reviewed by the judging committee. Stay tuned for updates on the winners and where you can view their final works of art!

What Will You Receive?

Through The Vizzybility Project, four Canadian diverse LGBTQ+ artists will be chosen to receive brand supported #Vizzybility valued at over $35,000 each to fund their art and provide exposure across Canada. This includes:

  • A $5,000 grant to produce a personal creative project
  • One-on-one weekly mentorship with Priyanka
  • Enrollment in a month-long virtual artist incubator support series with Queer Collective
  • Features in social content developed by Priyanka and Vizzy
  • $1,250 dollars dedicated to promoting Vizzy’s social content that features your art
  • Spotlights in earned media outreach across the country
  • Placement in a National showcase to unveil their boldest art created with the support of Vizzy

How Can You Apply?

In the spirit of boldness and inspired by Priyanka’s well-known tagline - What’s My Naaaaame - we want to learn YOUR name! Vizzy and Priyanka are proud to be different, so we want to hear from you and what sets you and your artistic endeavours apart!

Applications close June 14 at 11:59 pm. 

Who is eligible to apply?

Eligible applicants must be:

  • Based in Canada
  • Legal drinking age
  • Must self-identify as an artist part of the LGBTQ+ community
  • Have a piece of work in progress, or will begin a new piece of work that will be completed using the grant funds by the artist showcase. The showcase will take place in September 2021 and final artwork will need to be submitted by August 25.
  • To be featured in the showcase, all artists must also submit a digital photo/video of their final piece for sharing on social channels.

How do I apply?

Vizzy and Priyanka are proud to be different, so we want to hear from you and what sets you and your artistic endeavours apart! Apply with a short video, no more than 90 seconds, including:

  • Record a short video, no more than 90 seconds, telling us about yourself including:
    • A little bit about yourself
    • What the medium of your art is e.g.: painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, stills of video/film, sculpture (of any type of material), ceramics, mixed/multiple media, installation, film/video, dance, and other new or alternative media?
    • What do you intend to complete or create with the grant?
    • Why this grant is important to you
  • After you upload your video we’ll ask you your personal details so we know who you are!

Who will be judging my application?

There will be a panel of six individuals judging applications for the Vizzybility project including:

  • 2 representatives from Queer Collective
  • 2 representatives from Vizzy Canada
  • 1 representative from Citizen Relations, Vizzy Canada’s PR Agency of Record
  • Priyanka, international artist and Canada's First Drag Superstar

Key Judging Criteria

  • Creativity (30%) Judging panel to evaluate if the proposed project is creative based on the following criteria:
    • Does this sound like an innovative new or impactful idea?
    • Is the idea original and sound?
    • Does the work communicate its viewpoint, ideas, and concepts clearly, effectively, and creatively?
  • Medium (30%)
    • Will the final piece of art have the ability to showcase art through social media and showcase?
    • Will the medium ensure proper representation and diversity across all art channels and mediums?
    • Will the artist allow considerate representation across Canada?
  • Need for Vizzybility (20%)
    • Did the artist communicate their need for assistance in support with their art project clearly through video submission?
    • Is the artist depending on winning this program in order to finish their project / grow their career?
    • Has the artist received support in the past?
  • How funds will be used (20%)
    • Did the artist clearly summarize how winning funds will be utilized in their art project through the video submission?
    • Does the artist require these funds to finish their project?
    • Will the funds make a big difference in the artists / project’s life?